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Places of interest in Lezhë

Lezha Castle

The western edge of Lezha is the 186 m high hill on which the castle is enthroned. It not only dominates the seashore, but also closes almost all the roads leading to the interior of the town. Thanks to its favourable geographical position, this hill has been inhabited since the middle of the first millennium BC. The traces of the 5th century walls, the fortification walls and the acropolis of ancient Lissus can still be admired today. In the 9th century, the medieval castle of Lezha was built on these historical ruins. This gave Lezha the role of an urban centre.

The memorial of Skanderbeg

The Scanderbeg Monument is the place where the Lezha League took place on 2nd March 1444 and where the national hero Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeg was buried on 17th January 1468. Dating from the 14th century, it has the shape of a basilica and is 17 m high and 8 m wide. Legend has it that when the Turks invaded Lezha in 1478, they opened Skenderbeg's grave; they used his bones, covered them with gold and silver and used them as talismans to bring them luck in battles. The memorial is one of the most important monuments in Albanian history.

Fishta’s Statue

In front of the Lezha Public Library building is the statue of Gjergj Fishta. He is one of the most important cultural figures and greatest literary figures in Albania in the first half of the 20th century and created the great heroic epic of northern Albania with Lahuta e Malcís (The Lute of the Highlands).

Thrown Sand

Thrown Sand is a very popular destination in the coastal town of Shëngjin. Your route takes you to the port of Shëngjin and then to the last hotel located there. After a walk of about 2 km along the beach, you will reach a sand hill. Walking to the top of this hill is a great workout and the view is incredible. The best time is sunset, when the sand is no longer too hot and the sun turns the sky into a sea of colours.

Kune-Vain Lagoons

The two lagoons are located between the town of Lezha and the Adriatic Sea on both sides of the mouth of the river Drin. Although they are always mentioned together because of their importance, they are two separate entities with different meanings. While in Kune you can enjoy the beautiful beach, in Vain you can enjoy the tranquillity of the forest or go hunting. The lagoons are home to some of the best restaurants in the region.



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