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Wellness massages

Let go for body and mind. Gentle hands glide over your body, detect tension, loosen the muscles and ensure a relaxing sense of well-being. 

Orient Sensation

A traditional full body massage with aroma stamps soaked in a blend of exotic spices, fragrances and warm shea butter. A true journey for the senses.
Price per person: 85 € | 60 min.

Bamboo Massage

Forget the stressful daily routine. A massage ritual where the stressed body falls into a state of complete relaxation. Circulation and metabolism are stimulated.
Price per person: 85 € | 60 min.

Anti-stress massage

The anti-stress massage takes you out of the stressful daily routine and into a world of wonderful aromas and gentle massage movements.
Price per person: 83 € | 60 min.

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

A Hawaiian massage that uses the forearms and elbows in rhythmic movements and long strokes. It is like the powerful dance of the sea and acts as a balm for the mind and soul.
Price per person: 89 € | 60 min.


Cleansing and peeling consisting of algae products, plus a coordinated full-body massage including an algae wrap, during which you are wrapped in thermoplastic paper to achieve a targeted tightening and purification effect. Treatment and full body massage.
Price per person: 99 € | 90 min.

Ayurveda Massage

Traditional Indian full body massage. Various grips have a loosening, stimulating, relaxing and regulating effect on the skin, muscles, nervous tissue, mind and soul. Special grips have a positive effect on organs such as the intestines, lungs and spinal cord. A relaxing experience of quality of life and freedom for the senses.
Price per person: 89 € | 60 min.

Indian head massage

It nourishes the hair, calms the mind, relieves head and shoulder pain, stimulates circulation and increases lymphatic drainage.
Price per person: 49 € | 25 min.

Shiroubyhanga full body massage with forehead oil infusion

This massage relaxes body, mind and soul. A combination that relaxes the nervous system, cleanses the senses and the energy channels.
Price per person: 105 € | 90 min.

Hot Stone Massage

A time-honoured type of massage in which warm lava stones are placed on the energy points of the body and then gently massaged with warm oil. The warmth relaxes and loosens the muscles and promotes blood circulation and thus the removal of waste products.
Price per person: 89 € | 60 min.

Refresh & Relax back care with massage

Dead cells are removed from the back with a peeling (blackheads are removed if necessary). A cold mask is applied to cover the pores on the back and a balancing cream is applied to moisturise the skin. This is followed by a relaxing back and neck massage.
Price per person: 85 € | 60 min.

Facial massage

Experience the relaxing and smoothing effect for your skin.
Price per person: 49 € | 25 min.

Aroma oil massage

A full body massage with different aromatic oils, consisting of western and eastern massage techniques. Moisturises the skin, stimulates the blood circulation and besides the feel-good effect of the massage, you relax with individual scents.
Price per person: 85 € | 60 min.

Honey Massage

A full body massage like in 1001 nights. Your skin is smoothed and nourished. It feels like velvet and silk. We recommend a 10-minute steam bath after the massage, followed by a shower.
Price per person: 89 € | 60 min.

Hot Chocolate Massage

Let yourself be pampered by an extraordinary and soothing massage with cocoa and shea butter, one of the noblest plant fats. Chocolate is a sign of joie de vivre, enjoyment and sensual pleasure. It makes you forget everyday life and harmonises the stressed nervous system. Immerse yourself in the most delicate temptation.

Hot Chocolate back massage: 49 € | 30 min.
Hot Chocolate full body massage: 84 € | 60 min.
Hot Chocolate full body and face massage: 99 € | 90 min.

Secrets de Sothys Excellence

Luxury anti-age full body treatment with an exclusive full body wrap and the Digi-Esthétique full body massage, with an exceptional, sensual texture. Works against all the signs of time.
Price per person: 119 € | 75 min.

Bali Massage

The Bali Massage is a traditional massage technique of the Far East. It is performed in a mixed technique and contains soothing elements as well as bending and flexing movements. It awakens the natural energy of body, mind and soul.
Price per person: 84 € | 60 min.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is artificial tissue pressure applied through gentle touch. It drains and purifies the entire body, which is why it is particularly useful for people whose bodies are prone to congestion and lymphoedema.
Price per person: 84 € | 60 min.

Massage for pregnant women

Let yourself go and enjoy the caresses, which also have a positive effect on your baby. The massage relieves many of the common pregnancy complaints such as backache, headache, heavy legs and insomnia.
Price per person: 85 € | 45 min.


  • Peeling and foam massage (full body)
  • Short resting phase, accompanied by an oriental tea
  • 1-hour relaxing warm oil full body massage

Price per person: 129 € | 120 min.

Connective tissue massage / anti-cellulite massage

The optimal solution to sculpt your problem zones. This massage is designed to treat cellulite and tighten and firm the connective tissue.
Price per person: 85 € | 55 min.

Classic massages

"Relax" back massage including neck: 49 € | 30 min.
"After Job" full body massage: 79 € | 45 min.
Swedish full body massage: 85 € | 60 min.
"Silence" full body and facial massage: 99 € | 90 min.



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