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Roadmap Maritim Hotel Köln

The Maritim Hotel Köln is situated right on the banks of the Rhine, in the heart of the city, very close to the world famous Cathedral and the main railway station. The trade fair centre, too, is easily accessible. Many leisure activities can start off on foot, from the hotel, such as exploring the historic old city, a visit to the numerous museums or an event in the Musical Dome as well as the Philharmonic and of course a stroll along the beautiful Rhine promenade.


Maritim Hotel Köln
Heumarkt 20
50667 Cologne

Note: Please note that there will be restrictions on access to our hotel during the Christmas market at Heumarkt. The exit from the Deutzer Brücke will be closed from 30 November to 23 December 2023. This means that you can only reach our hotel from the direction of Mühlenbach or via Rheinuferstraße. In addition, the Deutzer Brücke will be completely closed in the direction of the city centre on Advent Saturdays. Further information can be found on the website of the city of Cologne.

Public underground parking for 600 vehicles - Parking prices

Environmental badge "green"

Environmental badge obligatory for green zones in Germany also for foreigners! Purchase your badge prior to your visit to Germany! Vehicles without environmental badge may not pass through the green zone, otherwise a penalty of 40 € and a penalty point in Flensburg impend. This is also valid for all vehicles registered in foreign countries, like cars, trucks, and busses, as well as for business travellers and for tourists. For this reason it is recommended, that all drivers seek further information about the environmental badges well in advance, and purchase it on time. For further information, please contact the hotel.


Main railway station: 1 km
Motorway: 3 km
Cologne/Bonn airport: 15 km
Trade fair centre:  2 km
Cathedral: 1 km
LANXESS arena: 1 km

Prices and transportation

Taxi fares 
From airport: approx. 20-30 €
From main station: approx.          6 €
Busses and trams 
From airport:S13 to stop "Deutz", there take tramway 1,7 or 9
to stop "Heumarkt"
From main station:Busroute 132 to stop "Heumarkt"
Busroute 133 to stop "Heumarkt"
Busroute 106 to stop "Heumarkt"
Tramway 1,5,7 or 9 to stop "Heumarkt"

Public transportation



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