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Rheinsteig and Siebengebirge: hiking in a natural paradise


The Rheinsteig is a 320-kilometre long-distance hiking trail that runs along the right bank of the Rhine from Bonn to Wiesbaden. It is one of the most popular hiking trails in Germany and offers hikers a varied landscape with forests, vineyards, castles and palaces.

A particularly impressive section of the Rheinsteig is the Siebengebirge. This low mountain range lies to the north of Bonn and is characterised by bizarre basalt rocks that tower up to 460 metres high. The hiking trails in the Siebengebirge lead through dense forests, over panoramic heights and past picturesque vantage points.

Hiking in the Siebengebirge
The hiking trails in the Siebengebirge are well developed and offer a challenge for hikers of all abilities. Hiking in the Siebengebirge is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and relax. The fresh air, the marvellous views and the varied landscape make every day of hiking an experience. There are both short day hikes and longer tours that take several days.

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This striking 321 metre high mountain, between Koenigswinter and Bad Honnef, is the landmark of the Siebengebirge. The basalt mountain was formed around 30 million years ago by volcanic activity and is now covered by dense forest and offers a magnificent view of the Rhine and the surrounding mountains.

The Drachenfels is the subject of numerous legends. These include the story of Siegfried, who defeated the dragon and married the dragon's daughters. The ruins of Drachenfels Castle can be found on the summit of Drachenfels. If you descend further down the mountain, you come to Drachenfelsburg, a castle from the 18th century.

The mountain can be reached via a hiking trail that starts from Koenigswinter. The hike takes around 1.5 hours. Those who prefer to take it a little easier or only want to complete one route can take the Drachenfelsbahn, the oldest cog railway in Germany.


This legendary 132 metre high slate rock face is one of the most famous places on the Rhine. The Loreley is located at the deepest and narrowest point of the Middle Rhine on the right bank of the Rhine near St. Goarshausen in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Loreley is the subject of numerous legends, including the story of the Loreley, a beautiful woman who lured the boatmen with her singing and plunged them to their deaths. You can admire the Loreley up close from a viewing point on the opposite bank.

Großer Ölberg

At 460.7 metres, this mountain is the highest point in the Siebengebirge. There is a viewing tower on its summit, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Rhine Valley, the Westerwald, the Bergisches Land, the Sauerland, the Eifel and the Taunus. The “Großer Ölberg” can be reached via a hiking trail that starts from Koenigswinter. The hike starts at Koenigswinter railway station and leads over the Drachenfels to the “Großer Ölberg”. The hike takes about 2 hours.



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